GUDRUN HÖLPER Physio Therapist
Natural Health Professional - Physiotherapy
PNF Specialist Teacher

Bilker Allee 183 | 40217 Düsseldorf | Telephone 0211/345997 |

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Physio Therapy
Natural Health Professional (Physio Therapy)

Gudrun Hölper
Bilker Allee 183
D-40217 Düsseldorf
Telephone: 0211-34 59 97

Registered Physio Therapist by the District President of the City of Giessen.
Registered Natural Health Professional – Physio Therapy with the Public Health Authority Düsseldorf.

Supervisory Authority:
Government of the German Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia
Gesundheitsamt Düsseldorf
Kölner Straße 180
40227 Düsseldorf

Applicable Work Legislation:
Laws on Professions in Physio Therapy (Legislation on Masseurs and Physio Therapists MPhF) of 26 May 1994 (German Federal Law Gazette / Page 1084)

Legislation concerning being a practising natural health professional without a license to practise (Legislation for Natural Health Professionals) of 17 February 1939 (RGBI /Page 251,III 2122-2, § 1 Paragraph 1)
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