GUDRUN HÖLPER Physio Therapist
Natural Health Professional - Physiotherapy
PNF Specialist Teacher

Bilker Allee 183 | 40217 Düsseldorf | Telephone 0211/345997 |


We take time to treat you and only have spacious and well equipped treatment rooms.

By people for people...

We “put our hands on you” in the real sense of the word. Directly from the start of the treatment, we will try to redirect the sequence of your movements back on the right track.

To ensure that your “computer” (= CNS – central nervous system) reprograms the physiological programme your active participation and many repetitions are needed.

Regularly repeating the exercises at home optimises and accelerates the success of the therapy!

Take over responsibility for your treatment – we look forward to showing you the way and to guiding you throughout the process.

Our therapies can either be prescribed by a doctor or you contact us directly.

As a natural health professional for physio therapy I am permitted to treat patients directly regarding physio therapy. This may be advantageous for example to avoid potential extended waiting periods in a doctor’s surgery, especially when suffering acute health problems. In that case you will receive an invoice that depending on your health insurance may be reimbursed.

Furthermore, we offer our specialist advice if you wish to improve your physical fitness or your wellbeing.
“The boss pays for your health”

§3 Paragraph 34 EstG regulates that the employer can pay up to € 500,- per year for the physical health of an employee, which the company can then balance against its tax. This includes our range of treatments!

Of course, therapy is also possible in English. Also in other languages we are rarely facing communication issues.

Overview of our therapies

  • Medical Back Strengthening
  • Work Analysis, including work place analysis with optimisation proposals
  • Ice Treatment / Cold Packs
  • Pelvic Floor Physio Therapy
  • Postpartum Exercises
  • Connective Tissue Massage
  • Hot Air Treatment / Hot Rolls
  • Home Visits

The PNF Concept
Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

The PNF concept is a functional treatment that above all promotes the sequence of movements that are stored in the central nervous system. Therefore it is very suitable for treating neurological, orthopaedic or trauma induced disorders.

The concept was developed by the American neurologist Hermann Kabat in cooperation with a number of physio therapists – among others Maggie Knott – in the mid-Forties of the last century. Then already functionality was the central focus, especially walking that involves the coordination of all body parts.
Via the nerve and muscle connections the function of the spine is directly connected with the head, the shoulder joints, the arms, the pelvis and the legs.

The malfunction of one factor influences the complete sequence of movements. This is why a malfunction cannot be treated as an isolated problem.

Corresponding to the four stadiums of motorised control the primary problem impacting mobility and stability must be eliminated, the reason for this discovered and the complete functionality of the body re-established with controlled mobility and dexterity.

The movement pattern must be trained on the basis of the medical findings, functionally and with specific techniques. The patient is taught an individual training program to be done at home already during the first treatments!

Patient Forum

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